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Learning Commons

The Center for Academic Support Services

The Learning Commons is the go-to place for students who want to excel--at UCM and beyond.

Located on the third floor of the JCK Library, the Learning Commons is a comfortable and collaborative student workspace. You can study on your own or with a group, use a computer, or meet with a tutor.


Summer Location: W.C. Morris 124 


Learn About Our Services


Tutoring at UCM is available for most UCM courses—free. We almost always have someone here to help with mathematics, from Introductory Algebra to Calculus II.  

 The Tutoring Center is certified Level 1 by the College Reading & Learning Association (CRLA), which means it adheres to the highest standards. We offer free tutoring in most UCM courses—and we always have a tutor available to help you with math.  We provide options for students at any UCM campus.

Check out the complete schedule (including online options).  Are we missing a course you need or does the scheduled time not work for you? Let us know

Test Prep Center

Have a major exam coming up? Our Test Prep Center has the resources you need to prepare. Whether you plan to take a standardized exam, such as the Missouri Educator Gateway Assessments, Graduate Record Examinations (GRE), or Law School Admission Tests (LSAT), the Test Prep Center is here for you. You’ll learn what to expect and how to prepare. We’ll even provide you with practice sample questions for your upcoming exam. Explore test prep resources now.

Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction (SI) offers weekly study groups for difficult courses. SI study groups are led by SI Leaders, trained students who have already passed the difficult course. SI Leaders attend class and work with faculty to make the SI sessions specific to the faculty member’s teaching style and the students taking the class that semester.

How does SI work?

SI is offered two to three times a week at a set time. Check the class schedule or your instructor for specific days and times.

Why should I participate in SI?

SI provides you with:

  • review and discussion of course material, including readings, lecture notes, and homework assignments;
  • learning activities, such as practice quizzes, games, and group activities, to help increase and deepen understanding of course material;
  • an opportunity to connect with other students in a structured but relaxed environment.

Writing Center

Need help with a paper for class? Not sure where to begin? Start by coming into the UCM Writing Center. It’s free and available to all UCM students at any stage of the writing process. Walk in visits are always welcome, but appointments are encouraged--especially near midterms and finals.  

 If you live off campus or your schedule doesn’t allow you to visit the Writing Center during center hours, try our Online Writing Lab (OWL). OWL allows you to submit your paper at any time and receieve feedback within 48 hours. Learn more.


Contact Info:

The Learning Commons
JCK Library 3160
Tel: 660-543-8972



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